It's a family thing

Over the years we have created a strong bond with the people who supported our brand from the beginning. You were the ones who make MAEL feel like a family. We want to amplify that family vibe even more. That’s why we have created the MAEL FAMILY. You can be part of our story by entering our exclusive membership.

As part of the MAEL FAMILY you’re in for a treat. A few times a year we offer you exclusive access to our new items for two weeks. These items are only accessible for you and ensure first pick. after two weeks they will become available on our website for everybody.

The MAEL FAMILY is, as the name suggests, a family of a select group of people. We do however offer a waiting list for new members and over time the family will grow.

  • White-orginal-shirt
  • Sweater-pink
  • Sweater-red
  • T-shirt-black

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Our new designs are now available for the MAEL FAMILY members, login to your personal page to order them