About us


With it’s beating heart in Amsterdam but a vision that goes overseas, MAEL is the right fit for the city guy ready to conquer the world with his distinct style. With a focus on shoes and leather goods and an eye for textiles and fashion MAEL can offer it’s wearer a full wardrobe. One that can be mixed, matched or completely worn on it’s own. Casual on the one side and sophisticated on the other, the two seamlessly go hand in hand.


The brands name has a direct connection with Royalty, MAEL being the French translation of prince. This royal approach is shown in their quality over quantity mentality, their absurd high reach for the best and their constant need for expansion. The sky has no limit for the young and ambitious team, who have been working in the field for years soaking up knowledge and experiences that help make the right decisions and take some risks when it comes to the brand’s vision and believes.


With a passion for aesthetics and all things current the MAEL team has been in the fashion game for quite a while. The team consists of carefully selected members by the brand’s Creative Director; Tijs Wiedijk. This autodidact turned selfmade businessman has had an eye for style for as long as he remembers. He started of in the fashion industry selling suits when he was only a teenager. 15 years and many lessons later he’s the head of MAEL, a brand that came completely out of his own hands and head.

“The styling, production, finding the right location for a store I’m involved in everything, my vision for MAEL is very specific”, as said by Wiedijk.
Everything Tijs knows today he learned from life, as he never finished a fashion education. “My father, who is an artist, is one of the people I look up to most in life. He takes his arts very seriously and is a true craftsman. The people I work with are always people from my own inner circle who earned their stripes and are skilled professionals”, he adds.

When it comes to his inspiration he has a fine eye for current style. He’s very much into subcultures and always knows the right trends to pick from the streets before they become mainstream. As Tijs’ career MAEL will keep on growing as well. “There is always room for improvement and expansion”, the Creative Director agrees.